Potluck the ingredients

That’s the central ‘how to’of this experiment.  I will write more on the ideas,  inspirations, and values that inform this Community Appetite project, but for now you are wondering “What is this? How does it work?”

Basically I looked around at my life and my friends;  we are busy,  concerned about finances, and struggling to eat nutritiously (and/or ethically).  Here is an opportunity to come together, in someone’s home, relax, and cook good simple fare to support us during the week ahead.

It’s like a potluck, but you bring the ingredients and we spend our time together cooking (and cleaning up after cooking).  Instead of eating together, we create together, and enjoy the fruits of our labor on down the line.

I am looking for at least eight volunteers to lead a night of our  Community Appetite in their kitchen between now and Oct 24th.  What do you think? Does this sound like fun to you?

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