An invitation

Read this beautiful invitation (sent out on Facebook).

You, people of my heart- I want to eat dinner with you! Come, cook with me! And let’s not make it fancy, let’s just play with it.

Let’s eat garlicky pasta and wine. I’ll provide a coupla pounds of good pasta, and all the garlic and olive oil you can imagine. Maybe a bottle or two of wine, nothing expensive.

You- bring *one* ingredient that you think goes into a garlicky pasta dinner. Not a side dish- no cooking at home! Maybe a vegetable, cheese, wine, bunch of herbs, whatever you want to eat. We’ll spread out all the ingredients we have, and create a wonderful dish or two! (probably more than one, to accommodate all food needs/wants/allergies/etc)

Bring whatever friend or date you think will add to the joy of the night.We’ll leave feeling so rich! (in spirit, heart, and wallet!)


Wow! That’s what we are talking about simple, real, heartfelt.  What do you think? Leave a comment below- is this note inviting? What would you bring to this event in Our Community Appetite?

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