A Great Garlic Themed Night

The stove mid-cooking at our first Community Appetite celebration

Toppings for the garlicky pasta on the stove.

Last Friday was our first gathering.  It was so much fun!

Our host provided pasta for 15 people, a little left over pesto, and 2 bottles of red wine.

The guests brought more wine, bread, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, more cheese, swiss chard, roasting garlic and, oh yes, more cheese!

Note: For your event, especially if you are using Facebook for your RSVPs, encourage folks to post what they are thinking to bring.  Luckily a blended cheese sauce is great for pasta, but a salad bar party with only greens would probably be less successful.

Lura and friends making the deliciousnessLura’s is a ‘four butt’ kitchen, so lead chefs were appointed and the rest of the crew rotated through or stayed in the living room fullfilling the second tenant of Our Community Appetite- quality conversations.

I unfortunately had to leave before the roasted pears were served (with cinnamon and melted cheese, I believe), but before I hugged my way out of the party participants were bubbling with ideas for future gatherings.  Success indeed!

Thanks Lura for taking this idea and running with it!

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