Life Happens & Slow Links

Hello Autumn!

Homemade Squash Soup

mmm, squash soup

The season is finally looking to turn here in Houston. Horray for fall planting & squash soup. I have a lot on my mind regarding Our Community Appetite, and several updates brewing for next week.

This week was filled with my mid-30s version of buying school supplies- a new phone, new tires for the car, tying up loose ends for the tax return, and, my favorite task, buying a scooter! I’ve wanted one for years, and since we’ve essentially been a one car household all summer, we decided that now is the time.

Enough about me. This blog is about YOU, and us together. A community cooking together, cooking abundantly so we have delicious, inexpensive ‘left-overs’ to enjoy through-out the week, and most importantly, just spending time together- fellowship. Sharing our stories, sharing our labor, and our food: this is sharing our lives.

Until next time, her are links to a few related articles around the web:

Must Healthy Food be More Expensive? from Get Rich Slowly
Over 5570 took the $5 Real Value Meal Challenge from SlowFoods USA

Speaking of SlowFoods, the month of September is PayWhatYouWill Membership Month.  So if you “support good, clean, fair food” head over to their website, here, and add your voice to their membership.

Who knows our little group might even spark the renewal of a local Houston chapter!

One response to “Life Happens & Slow Links

  1. Congrats on your scooter! I used to be a member of SlowFoods long ago, just went and rejoined. Thanks!