Garlic + Goodness

Today I chronicle, not a meal shared, but a more focused experience of friends gathering to satisfy our appetite for food, fun, and community-reliance.

For my birthday last week, we eschewed the expected home cooked feast.  The week was simply too hectic, what with Thanksgiving around the corner and the time of year waking all of Houston’s event planners from a heat induced stupor.

So I went out for drinks on my natal anniversary at a newish local joint and made plans for pickling on Sunday.  You may know that my husband is an avid food fermenter.  It’s actually how we met. Our refrigerator would be empty without a half gallon each of ‘power mix’ and cultured garlic cloves.  The fridge was nearly empty.

Last Sunday was by far the easiest, quickest garlic batch yet.  I think it was the focus- usually garlic is something we pickle as a side project.  It was so peaceful. Three people separating and peeling garlic cloves; catching up on each other’s lives, while my friend’s young son “helped” by smelling everything and telling us of his recent pirating adventures in Make Believe.

Today we returned to complete and decant the batch. So fragrant, so simple! And reconnecting, even briefly, was lovely. Especially after the hectic holiday, quiet moments of connection are precious. Now, $15 & less than 2 full hours of labor later, we both have delicious garlic that will keep in our fridges for more than a year (as if it has a chance of lasting that long).

I will edit in some pictures of our garlic.

Thanks Pixie for feeding the Community Appetite!

3 responses to “Garlic + Goodness

  1. What would life be without garlic! Haven’t gotten on the fermentation bandwagon yet — but you are very persuasive! 🙂

  2. Thank you guys! It was fun and I’ve enjoyed walking into the wonderful smell when I get home. Now we get to enjoy the actual product-double win!