A resounding YES

Describe 2011, prepare for 2012. It’s an invitation, a challenge. 31 days of prompts. 31 days of blogs tied to a central theme: Reflect & Reinvent. But Christyna, your blog has a theme (look at the header! cooking fun & togetherness), you might exclaim.

It’s true, and #Reverb10 was an amazing community event, even from the sidelines it was really interesting to see how different people addressed each day’s topic (see the archives of Ordinary Courage & SomaQuest, for example). A central tenant of Our Community Appetite is community, creating for ourselves in a supportive and friendly environment, so #Resound11 it is.

Plus I need a little bit of a kick in the pants benign social pressure to integrate this blog into my life. I have so many ideas for you, and several social cooking dates have, in fact, happened, but you wouldn’t know because I didn’t write about. (My third wedding anniversary party, making escabeche in the kitchen where we met, was *awesome*.)

I’m really excited. I hope you enjoy the ride. My reflections on the prompts will all be through the lens of food, joy, and community, because, seriously folks, that’s why we are here, to whet Our Community Appetite.

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