#Resound11: Savor & Enjoy

S is for Supersexy Superhero

photo credit karla k on flickr

What’s your 2011 superpower?

This is a tough one. I’ve only just begun this experiment, so what evidence do I have of SuperPower?

Right, I can simply claim it. Our Community Appetite: uncovering the secret fun and deliciousness of simple foods. Our version of Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth? Working together, and savoring the experience. This is not a space for busting out your foodie ninja moves.

We are interested in building up the larder of our friends, tending the ties of friendship through laughter, delight, and culinary disaster (it wouldn’t be an adventure if everything worked every time, now would it?), and coming to know ourselves as people who are competent  in the kitchen.

I hold that whole foods, prepared simply are good for my taste buds, my belly, and- keeping it real- my bank account- yours too. Come play with us & activate YOUR community super power. (or is that supper power?)

2 responses to “#Resound11: Savor & Enjoy

  1. shannon s rice

    love the supper power!!!