#Resound11: I create!

Looking back over the year, one nugget (or turning point, or leveling-up experience) stands out above all others.  This year I hatched a project of my own creation.

My older way of being was to leap onto someone else’s bandwagon, putting my energy into another’s project.  Nothing wrong with this approach, I’ve learned a lot by joining in. I’m thinking of capacity building in a refugee agency (you haven’t had Ethiopian food, until you’ve had home-cooked Ethiopian food). I’m thinking stepping up to be the Gal Friday for Central City Co-op, and being given space to evolve into Partner Development Director, then Operations Manager, then President of the Board of Directors. CCC was the brain-child of Pat Greer and her daughter Jennifer. I can’t express how transformative Pat’s trust and guidance have been in my life.

So this year, I looked at my life, and saw what was missing- an easy way to feed myself well regularly, save money on food and entertainment, and spend good quality time with my friends.  This time, instead of going to Slow Food, or Urban Harvest, or some other excellent group, and trying to graft my want onto one of their programs, this time I created a whole new thing.

It’s a real turning point,

and even better- my friends joined in. Not only did I build muscles that I have often neglected, but I have successfully created more fun, better food, and a deeper connection with people I care about- all the while honoring our economic circumstances. How cool is that?!?

What have you created in 2011? What might you create 2012? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

This post is part of the #Resound11 project. My reflections on the prompts will all be through the lens of food, joy, and community, because, seriously folks, that’s why we are here, to whet Our Community Appetite.

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