Whoa! Autumn Update

Hello friends,

I am home sick today, with an ear infection. Boo. It’s a great excuse to put on Christmas music and sip tea, though. In spite of the quietude here on the blog. I’ve actually been feeding my community appetite quite well the past couple months.

8167290791_514616a730_cferment harvest Nov12First of all, it’s pickling season again here in Houston. So the Mister and I have been having more than monthly gatherings in our new condo to wash, chop, pack, and enjoy fermenting vegetables.

Also last month was my birthday (Six Squared!), and much of my celebrating with friends included food.

theresa thompson b-day cake.jpg

Jeanne brought Meyer Lemon mead and pickled eggplant, neither of which lasted the night. Dustin brought home-made goat’s milk cheve and kim chi to the party. Madison brought me some pre-party snacks and sour dough.  It was amazing.

I also was able to get, not one, TWO visits to Baby Barnaby’s! Baby Barnaby’s is a breakfast only place in the heart of the old Montrose neighborhood. It is also truly a home away from home for me.

My Mister took me Monday an I  serenaded him with early 80’s pop songs for his trouble.

On Wednesday I went again, this time with 3 friends I rarely get to spend time with and Baby Barnaby’s being the kind of place it is, we spent 25 minutes visiting with the out of towner in the next booth, making sure she knew all the best and unique museums and attractions in town.

After such a big week of celebrations, Thanksgiving was small and quiet.  Actually small and quiet was perfect, as the four of us who gathered all shared in the creation and enjoyment of the meal. At the end of the day I left Ranger’s house, full in belly, full in dog snuggles, and full in my spirit, and isn’t that what feasting and Community Appetite is all about?*

*OK, you might have a different opinion about the dog snuggles, but the other two, those are universal.


4 responses to “Whoa! Autumn Update

  1. I need to learn to pickle! Any suggestions on resources to check out?

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. So sorry you are feeling puny today…
    Your blog was amazing…. Especially the arbitrary addition of A cat litter genie ad after all the talk of puppy snuggles !!! Crack up funny ad too!! You are continually adding to your community, things of your heart!! BRavo!! I hope your Christmas seasons is as enjoyable as your birthday season… After all it is also a birth celebration! Love!
    Ps… Check out your oil ref book for earaches! Be better soon!

    • Thanks Shannon! I will definitely check out the essential oil reference. I’ll keep you updated on Christmas community happenings. I really appreciate your comments and conversation.