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Houston Food Swap

I’ve talked to numerous people about this. Friends who also cook, and friends who pickle, both camps are excited about the idea of a swap.

photo credit Patrick Bertolino

Basically, you pickle, can, preserve, your bounty and we come to a central location and trade amongst ourselves. It’s not buying, or selling, but it is building our community’s interconnectedness and stretching our resources. Rarely does that 14th jar of homemade strawberry preserves taste as good as the 2nd jar. With a swap, you can enjoy a wide variety while continuing to only produce a few items. I first heard about this idea on Twitter from Indy Food Swappers (@IndyFoodSwap). Their webpage has lots of good resources, included a link to a food swap etiquette article on CHOW with hilariously negative comments.

A food swap takes the essence of Our Community Appetite- fun, deliciousness, and self-reliance on a group level- out of the kitchen and into the wider community.  I can easily imagine 20-30 folks meeting up and swapping, not only delicious home-made foods, but also encouragement, recipes, and tips.

Are you interested? If so follow the blog to be sure you get all the information. This will be the central information center. I’m sure we’ll need assistance pulling it together and a few sponsors, too.

I’m aiming for an early Spring inaugural  Houston Food Swap!

With that wish, I am off to ring in the New Year.  May your 2012 be full of wholesome, delicious fun!