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Happy New Year!


Here’s to friends, fun, and making good food together!


Tis the Season

Each Christmas I pull out the heirloom quality cookbook my sister made me, and turn to the one recipe that I actually know by heart, Old Fashioned Fudge. This is holiday tradition passed down through my mother, from her mother. Somehow, I ended up as one of the few in my generation with the patience, inclination, and skillset to take up this candy-making.

boiling fudge on the stove

my 1st batch this year, mid-boil

The recipe is so simple: sugar, coco, milk, butter, and vanilla. It’s all about the blending and boiling.

I’ve added flavorings the past couple years and reduced the sugar to coco ratio, making my fudge less sweet than my mothers.

Often I enlist helpers, because really everything in the kitchen is more fun with company (laughter adds flavor to the dish!), and also very few people have been involved with making fudge that doesn’t include marshmallow creme.

Even with someone to share the stirring duty, this fudge’s Community Appetite connection is more in the ritual sharing than in the cooking. It’s so rich a treat, just one or two 1″ square pieces is a serving. So I package it up careful- four pieced to a festive bag- and share it with the people that I spend time with. Always the story of our Christmas food tradition, passed down through the generations, gets included.

Usually the fudge gets a second look of appreciation once the story is shared. And that’s why it belongs here on the Community Appetite blog. The sharing of food and the sharing of stories, go hand in hand for a rich, delicious life.

What are your holiday food traditions?

Announcement from No Impact Project

From Colin and the No Impact Project:

During the first week of October share your fall local food recipes with other No Impacters on our Facebook page! Use foods from the fall/autumn season that are local to your area. Please share:

A photo of your tasty creation
Your location
A list of ingredients and instructions for everyone to enjoy.

We will select some local food champs under the categories of Most Creative, Tastiest, and Lowest Impact to post on our website and share with our mailing list of 30,000 supporters!

Please share this announcement!

This challenge is so in-line with Our Community Appetite’s purpose, too. I will definitely post at least one recipe.  What are you and your friends cooking up as Autumn begins?

2nd Breakfast, Hobbit, International Day of

Holy Middle Earth!

“ideals cherished by hobbits everywhere: camaraderie, companionship and, of course, a love of good food” Um, yes! That’s totally what we are about around here.

I did not make the connection until this 75th Anniversary celebration came about.

Details about the International Day of Hobbit 2nd Breakfast in honor of 75th Anniversary of  the Hobbit.

Tolkien would have been a great member of Our Community Appetite

This looks awesome! From the website

We will be participating. I may even bust out my rusty bread making skills. A selection of homemade jams will be out. Who’s with me?

I’m back

Hello again!

from Natalie Parker on Flickr used under a Creative Commons License

I’ve been eating, working, moving (just across town), cooking more, and generally taking on life. I apologize for the long hiatus.

If you catch this in the next couple days, go to Hannah Marcotti’s shop anddownload the GreenUp for free (code: COLLARDS)

If that is already been closed into the vault, just go breathe in the peace and clear-eyed acceptance of her blog and business.